Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moody Blues!!

I've got the Moody Blues!!

The Internet Moody Blues!!background,ribbon flowers used for hat are from June at dezinaworld, lady is from public domain,created digitally with printshop22....

I want to disown my internet!! But I'd be lost without it!

It is giving me fits here!!

I can hardly get on anymore, and when I do it seems to go right back down!!

I understand that everyone is going to have problems once and a while, but this is getting to be a daily thing...and since I cant be on here just when ever I want to (you know what I mean: family,life, housework,life,errands,and did I mention life?) then it seems to be my fortune of late that every I get on here that it goes down again...sigh....blah,blah,blah...sob,sob,sob...

okay, enough of that,gotta hurry and try to post this while I can....have a lot more to share with you but its to late tonite...will try to crank this thang up again in the morning and see if I can get caught up....I am behind on the reading of your great blogs too and cant wait to see what everyone has been up to....take care and hugs to all my blog friends!

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