Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bumper Sticker

"What???? Time for the school bus already???""But I've only been up for an hour and 15 minutes!!! "

Mornings are so hectic at my house, who knew an 11 year old would need so much time to get ready...eating is first thing on the list,whether its scrambled eggs,graham crackers and milk,or a cake and juice or chocolate milk....then getting those clothes on,and ususally changing her mind a couple of times....brushing teeth and hair....deciding to rearrange her backpack at the last minute....hmmm,thinking the other purse will be better today so now doing a fast purse change...and who wants to wear that jacket today?? got to grab another one!!

Now understand the purse and backpack are fixed the night before...the clothes are chosen right down to the socks and shoes....but does that matter?? Nope, cause in the mornings things always seem different.

Now lets play the "ask the hundred questions before school" contest, and get mad if I don't know the right answer....and the "why are you rushing me?" game....and of course its my fault that school bus came before she decided she was ready... now where are those car keys so we can hopefully get to school before the tardy bell rings.

Of course we all know that is a part of parenting....we all have mornings like that. And with all the interesting things to do, school work just doesn't seem to be one of the highlights of a little girls life. So I made this bumper sticker for my car, printed it out on some adhesive paper, and it just seems to go perfect with those mornings I'm pulling in the school parking lot. Thanks for looking and have a great day.