Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zlightly Zetti

I had so much fun creating this piece!!the challenge this week at Three Muses was zlightly zetti ,first I created the digital piece above..then made a journal page out of it.

I'm slowing getting my journal pages done, I'm really enjoying the process and then being able to go back and see what I have done so far.

Thanks for looking, and hagd!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Krissa loves having her birthday parties at the skating rink, 2 hours of fun for all the kiddies
and us adult kids have fun just watching them and picking them up off the floor....This is my entry for the sophisticats challenge blog, I think I met the requirements for the sketch they supplied for us to use. I used some personal pics from a couple of years ago, and used printshop22 and some of their clip art to make this. Although the pics are older ones, this digital piece was done today.
and on a side note, I've been watching hoarders on tv while I did this....hmmm,all these craft things I got around here, think I would fall apart if I had to part with them! But it really makes me realize I need to keep a handle on things - I don't want no dump truck here taking all my stuff out!! Dont know if you watch it or not, but they had a 7 yr. old boy on there, my heart ached for him....so hard for him to part with things....and the older man on there tonight was just as heartbroken to have his stuff leave.....now paranormal is on, and I'm hooked on it too....
Take care everyone and thanks for stopping in.

She Ponders....

I have enjoyed a creative sunday......

this card was made using the blue beauty collage sheet from june at dezinaworld....I love the vibrant colors....I used the collage sheet to digitally create this using printshop22....

its been rainy here most of the weekend so not much time outside....today I made a huge pot of homemade soup....good thing is I've got supper for tomorrow night already done!! When I make a big pot like that we will eat on it for a couple of days then I will freeze what is left over......its a great idea for those nights when everyday life is more hectic than usual, just grab it out of the freezer and heat it up!!! quick and easy....

then I played around with this image of the little football boy from cora at digital2fortuesday....

I think this turned out well....a great card for that birthday boy.....

had to resist the urge to frill it up....so kept it pretty simple knowing that flowers and ribbons and such probably wouldn't be what those tough little guys would want...lol....

Got a few more things started but they still need a few more touches....is it just me or does everyone suddenly get a mental block when your in the middle of creating something.....I start out having an idea of what I want to do,and knowing that along the way I'll make several changes until I get something that I'm satisfied with.....but sometimes I have to leave it half way done because I cant decide what I want to do next.....then later,maybe an hour or a day, and sometimes a week I'll go back to it and can finish it off easily.....guess I just have to step back and ponder-like the lady in the top card-and clear my brain (or what little bit I got up there!!lol) to see what the project needs....

Thanks for stopping in and have a good day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rock of Ages

Rocky the challenge at mixedmediamonday this week is your favorite music or song... I love just about any kind of music but the first song that came to mind was Rock of Ages....it was my dad's favorite gospel song....I was young when he passed away so my memories of him are vague, and although I had a wonderful stepfather, I still missed the father-daughter bond that I wish we could have shared as I grew up and had kids of my own....his nickname was rocky but it didn't have anything to do with the song....so this is a tribute to my dad as I imagine him in heaven singing with the angels....

Thanks for looking and have a good day.

Digital Collage

This is my entry for the Soartful Challenge.
the image this week is from Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night's Dream. Have to admit I dont know enough about shakespeare's work to create a theme around the image,so I just played around with it...here's my attempt at creativity...
I used the image provided and created this digital collage with printshop22.
Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Scrapbook Pages and Bead Crafts

Another week has passed us by, the weekend calls our name.....will we craft,thrift or spend our time in leisure....its a dreary, rainy friday night here....hope we see the sun instead tomorrow but I missed the evening news(because I got caught up in blog hopping-I'm sure you know how easy that is) so now I'm waiting on the late news to check the forecast for tomorrow.....
I lost quite a few pics when my puter went down a few weeks ago and still haven't figured out how to retrieve them yet-if I even can, so I'm going to try and keep my pics to a minimum on the puter so hopefully I wont lose more if it goes down again.....so been scrapbooking like crazy to stay caught up....oh well,since the digital picture bug hit me I hardly ever get my pics printed anywhere but at home....hate the thought of spending 10 or 12 dollars for a roll of film when half the pics aren't very good to start with....is it just me or is that a total waste of money??
Remember I have commented on here before that I'm a cheapskate....if we need something or just plain want something then no problem, but I have no desire to feel like our hard working money is just being tossed away....enough of being on my soapbox!!
some scrapbook pages created digitally with printshop22

the background of the scrapbook pages are from junes blue beauty collage sheet at dezinaworld...

and then there was the after school craft beading party with krissa and a couple of her friends....
the kiddies had a lot of fun and took home some gifts for mommies and grannies...
see that diet dew sitting in the corner? if you know me, then you know I always have one close by, its the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I have before bed....I like my coffee sometimes, and want water with my meals, but the dew is still there waiting for me to come back to it,lol...
Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a fun and creative weekend!

Little Girl Waiting

Wanted to share this digital creation with you....this is my entry in the art creations friday challenge...
thanks for looking and have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Word Search

june at dezinaworld has a word search game for us to play today, so here is my completed word search...want to play too? visit dezinaworld and join us. Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Host for DigitalTwoForTuesday

Hi everyone, I am so pleased and honored to be the guest host this week for cora at DigitalTwoForTuesday....every week cora gives us 2 wonderful digital images to choose from and we create whatever we like with them....go check out her site and join in, its all about having fun and being creative.

This week cora gave us a football boy and a baseball boy to use. First I resized the images then printed them out, I then colored the images with colored pencils.

My first project is a school folder. I added some decorative scrapbook paper at the bottom. Then I took a piece of black cardstock and with my puter added the words No. 1 Player at the bottom. I took the little football image and glued it to some purple cardstock, then glued this onto the black cardstock. I then glued this to the folder, and added a football and shoulder pads embellishment to it.

My next project is a birthday card that I finished digitally with printshop22, the baseball background and the little embellishments at the top were from printshop, and after putting my boy image on a black background I then placed it on the card.

And my last project is this cute little door knob hanger. After coloring the image I scanned it back onto my puter, then used a template provided by printshop22 to create this. I added the little caution words to it because any one that has boys knows that when you walk into their room anything could be flying across it.I hope you enjoy my projects, this is my first attempt at guest hosting so any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking and have a good day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fairies at Play....and more

I've got a challenge piece to show you then some other pics and some yacking(hmm, is that even a word?), oh well, some gabbing to do...

this month's challenge at dezinaworld is wings...and june has the most wonderful prize for the winner, a ten sheet digital background paper set plus one sheet of her collage sheets...go and check it out and join in the fun....I have digitally created this piece with printshop22...the little fairy images are a freebie from june that I digitally altered some and the background is from printshop......
a couple of pics of krissa waiting on the school bus....love her little hand telling me she loves me...and of course she has suzy there too...we try to walk for about 15 minutes or so every morning before the bus runs, and suzy expects it too!! when its time to go out in the morning she starts barking,wiggling and wagging that tail of hers....she is always hoping that she will spot some cats that she can get to with that 2 foot lead rope she is on...lol

a couple of wild doves on an electric line outside our house, yea I know, not a very good pic...it was getting dark when krissa snapped this pic but you can still tell its doves....they are so plentiful around here....every morning while waiting for the school bus we can hear them cooing...there is a tree close to us where they have hatched out 5 or 6 nests full this year....sshhh, cant tell or the kiddies will be wanting to take a look and that would scare them off... this is a wonderful old bible I picked up last week at a yard sale....for a quarter!! I've always had the king james version and this is my first english version last weekend krissa's 4-h photography group took a trip to fitchburg furnace...everyone had a great time...you can read more about it on on my other blog Our3Acres-see the side bar for the link its a beautiful historical landmark close to our home, and its sad to admit but this was my first time there...odd how we sometimes travel hundreds of miles to see things when we have just as interesting things in our own backyard....so decided to start checking out places closer to home to visit and explore....

and oh!!! some exciting news for me!! I'll be the guest designer for cora at digitaltwofortuesday this week, so stop in tuesday and join in the fun!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Mystical and magical, that is just 2 words that come to mind when I think of a gypsy, the free spirited being that lives to love,and loves to live.... the challenge this week at SundayPostcardArt is gypsy,and this is my digital entry made using printshop22.....thanks for looking and have a good day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holstein Haven

Holstein Haven....this is my entry for the soartful challenge this week.. Using my printshop22, I digitally added elements to the image provided.
Thanks for looking and have a good weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Card and Paper Mache House

this is my entry for the DigitalInkCo. challenge this week....they provided us a sketch and I digitally created this card using printshop22and a big thanks to Heather at Creative Solace for this wonderful paper mache house I won in her blog giveaway recently...this is so adorable and has the most wonderful detail work in it

and she is having another giveaway now for an art journal...visit her blog and check it out

I love it heather, thanks so much!!
Thanks for looking and have a great day!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


the challenge this week at soartfulsaturday in rainbow...June gave us an image to use,its in the above photo on the top of the left side...I altered it in 2 different ways with printshop and then combined them on the pink background...

I then added the photo of krissa,added some embellishments and created a journal page.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal Page

cora at Digital2ForTuesday gave us some bonus images this week....
they were so cute I decided to make a page for my art journal....still new at this art journal stuff but I'm trying it and learning as I go....got a few more pages started but not finished yet,will show them when they are done....
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainy Day Fun Day

this is my entry for the Digital2ForTuesday challenge this week, cora gave us this charming image of the little girl playing.....I resized it,printed it out and colored it with wood pencils,put a black frame around it and mounted it on some yellow scrapbooking paper that I had doodled some designs on...then added fabric hearts and and a little bit of glitter glue..
Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


the challenge at Three Muses this week in moonstruck, and while looking through some images found this little cutie so thought I'd get started on some christmas cards...it will be here before we know it and I haven't even started them yet
Thanks for looking and have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Digital-Ink Challenge

With Warm Wishes there is a new challenge blog, the Digital-Ink Challenge Blog...it seems like it is going to be really fun...they provide a digital image and you use it to create,there is also a blog giveaway in honor of the first challenge....check it out and join in the fun!
this is my entry,thanks for looking and have a good week!

Monday, September 7, 2009


the challenge at soartfulsaturday is fruity...so here is my entry...
I used the image provided and used my printshop 22 to come up with this..
Thanks for looking!!

Purse Redo

so what do you do with a 25 cent yardsale purse that your daughter just couldn't live without???how bout this!!
transform it into a cute little bird purse with an image a got from cora's at DigitalTwoForTuesday.......
this is one of the images that cora had for last weeks challenge and it seems to set this little purse off perfectly.....I resized the image,printed it off,colored it with colored pencils and glued to the purse.....Krissa loves the way it turned out!
Thanks for looking and have a good week....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Salt and Pepper!

Beautiful little pink roses!!!!...on salt and pepper shakers!!
Aren't these so precious!!
I absolutely love these....Terry at All Things Terry Lee had a giveaway recently...and I'm so pleased to say I won!!!
She had several beautiful things to choose from and of course I picked these salt and pepper shakers....I have a huge collection of salt and pepper shakers so for me these were the obvious choice....I love the little dainty roses on the black and white check....
and she sent these too as a bonus!!! Beautiful stickers from Hallmark and a sweet little postcard...
and this is how they arrived...look at the cute little hand crocheted doilies they were wrapped in with the cute little pink ribbon!!!

these are just so precious!!! Thank you Terry Lee....
if you haven't seen her blog check it out....she finds the most precious things while out thrifting....and I always love reading her posts....she has a way of putting some humor into everything, even the bad experiences while out yard selling

I am so pleased with these Terry Lee...Thank you so much!!
these arrived earlier in the week but I've had some puter problems and haven't been able to post them till now.....I have so much catching up to do, hopefully this thing is fixed now!!
I'm proud to say I got it back working on my own....one price I got to fix it was over $80 and it was no guarantee...and the price would be even higher the more they did....
cheap-o me hated to dish it out until I could try to retrieve it myself...and for that much I would have been better off getting a new one...this one is about 5 years old so its about time for a new one anyway!! think I may have lost a few pictures in the process but I'm hoping I can get back into the harddrive somewhere and find them....fingers crossed!!
ok...bored you enough with puter problems....
Thanks again Terry Lee....these are so sweet and precious and I'll display them proudly!!
Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone!!