Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Salt and Pepper!

Beautiful little pink roses!!!!...on salt and pepper shakers!!
Aren't these so precious!!
I absolutely love these....Terry at All Things Terry Lee had a giveaway recently...and I'm so pleased to say I won!!!
She had several beautiful things to choose from and of course I picked these salt and pepper shakers....I have a huge collection of salt and pepper shakers so for me these were the obvious choice....I love the little dainty roses on the black and white check....
and she sent these too as a bonus!!! Beautiful stickers from Hallmark and a sweet little postcard...
and this is how they arrived...look at the cute little hand crocheted doilies they were wrapped in with the cute little pink ribbon!!!

these are just so precious!!! Thank you Terry Lee....
if you haven't seen her blog check it out....she finds the most precious things while out thrifting....and I always love reading her posts....she has a way of putting some humor into everything, even the bad experiences while out yard selling

I am so pleased with these Terry Lee...Thank you so much!!
these arrived earlier in the week but I've had some puter problems and haven't been able to post them till now.....I have so much catching up to do, hopefully this thing is fixed now!!
I'm proud to say I got it back working on my price I got to fix it was over $80 and it was no guarantee...and the price would be even higher the more they did....
cheap-o me hated to dish it out until I could try to retrieve it myself...and for that much I would have been better off getting a new one...this one is about 5 years old so its about time for a new one anyway!! think I may have lost a few pictures in the process but I'm hoping I can get back into the harddrive somewhere and find them....fingers crossed!!
ok...bored you enough with puter problems....
Thanks again Terry Lee....these are so sweet and precious and I'll display them proudly!!
Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone!!


mizmollye said...

They are indeedie adorable and glad you were the winner! I do read her blog and sheza hootinanny gal for sure. 'yall have a great weekend!

Cheryl said...

these are beautiful and they are so beautiufully wrapped to love cheryl xx

Denise said...

What gorgeous shakers! I would think twice about using them everyday! They are indeed lovely!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your comments are always welcome!

peggy gatto said...

Wow, you fixed your computer!!!!
What lovely s&p set!!!!
Also love your 3 acres!!!!

Terry Lee said...

hey betty,

i meant to comment much earlier but the days got away from me!

i am so happy that you're pleased with the shakers. i thought they were very sweet and pretty. hope you enjoy them for a long time to come.

thanks for participating in my blog giveaway!

terry lee

libbyquilter said...

isn't blog world wonderful~!?!~

your giveaway s & p shakers are charming and her presentation of them really lovely~!!~

i too have recently had some blog giveaway luck and received a package just yesterday that i hope to blog about later on today. such wonderful fun and friendships to be had in this exciting and creative world of blogging~!!!~