Friday, October 23, 2009

Remembering the 60's

Do you remember the 60's....when peace and love was the chant of many songs across the radio?? when flower power was flaunted as the way to a better tomorrow? I found this adorable little girl's pic in the public domain, (its posted here on my blog along with some other images I came across and wanted to share with you all)....and this little girl with her garland of flowers reminded me immediately of those days. When I seen the background image for the challenge at artcreationsfriday this week it just seemed as if they belonged together...

so that is how I came up with my entry for this week. I cropped and softened the edges of the photo, added it to the background and then added a few words and some daisies. I like how it came out, hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!!

B is for Blue...

The theme at the alphabet challenge blog this week is B is for Blue..... and decided my "B" needed a Bouncing Baby Boy to go with it!! This was all done digitally with images provided with my printshop22. Thanks for looking, have a great day!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Images

thought I'd share a few more pics with you...I found these in the public domain at the library of congress and thought they were so adorable...
isn't this little girl so a little mini hippie chick!!

and look at this precious little how they are going 50/50 on that drink!!
Have a great day everyone, hope these are some pics you can use.

Thank You.......

There are so many generous and creative bloggers out there, I'm still finding new blogs everyday to enjoy and get inspiration from....this week cora at digital2fortuesday has given us 2 more images to play around with and I chose this image below to do some digi magic with.....and this is what I came up with....cora, this card is for you....for your generosity in sharing so many wonderful images with us.....
and is my way of saying thank you for sharing....

Have a great day everyone and a big thanks to all you creative souls out there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Award and Some Challenge Entries

What a wonderful surprise!! The creative and talented Mizmollye at shezadoozy has given me an award!! My first one too!! The Splash Award....I hope you go check out molly's blog, she writes the most wonderful tales and is so inspirational in her crafting, I don't think there is much ,if anything, that she cant do!! Dolls,jewelry,crochet, that is just a few of the amazing things she does and shows us. And she writes the most awesome stories that she shares with us. I love logging on and seeing that she has a new post...if you haven't checked out her blog please take a moment and go look,you'll be glad you did!!

The Splash Award is given to "Alluring...Amusing...Inspiring...Bewitching and Impressive" Blogs...

The only rules are 1. To choose nine blogs to forward the award to 2. Post the award and the links on your blog and 3. Link back to my blog. I read so many wonderful blogs that it is hard to pick but this time I have chosen these blogs to pass the award to:

so please stop by and visit these amazing blogs by some very creative and talented ladies,and get some inspiration to jumpstart the day!!

I also want to post some challenge entries, my internet is working at the moment but who knows how long that will last....

this is my entry for the artcreations friday challenge, the girl image was provided with the challenge and the background is from june at art freebies

this is my entry for the soartful saturday challenge, the background was provided, the lady was one of the images from the public domain that I posted on my blog

and this is another journal page, all images are from my stash that I have clipped out over the years from books and such,with a touch of lace added to it...oh wow, long post I know....oh, I also recievcd my package from artsnarks, I won the drawing there a couple of weeks ago and got my beautiful piece of art in the mail over the weekend....but I forgot to take a pic so will show you that in the next post!!

Thanks again molly for the award!! And thanks everyone for stopping in, have a great day!

Moody Blues!!

I've got the Moody Blues!!

The Internet Moody Blues!!background,ribbon flowers used for hat are from June at dezinaworld, lady is from public domain,created digitally with printshop22....

I want to disown my internet!! But I'd be lost without it!

It is giving me fits here!!

I can hardly get on anymore, and when I do it seems to go right back down!!

I understand that everyone is going to have problems once and a while, but this is getting to be a daily thing...and since I cant be on here just when ever I want to (you know what I mean: family,life, housework,life,errands,and did I mention life?) then it seems to be my fortune of late that every I get on here that it goes down again...sigh....blah,blah,blah...sob,sob,sob...

okay, enough of that,gotta hurry and try to post this while I can....have a lot more to share with you but its to late tonite...will try to crank this thang up again in the morning and see if I can get caught up....I am behind on the reading of your great blogs too and cant wait to see what everyone has been up to....take care and hugs to all my blog friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beauty Hints

I seem to be in a journal page mode, with lace!!
This is my entry for the digital2fortuesday challenge, this was such a great image to play with....I'd love to embroider it and hope to do so in the near future....hmmm.....if I get the time!

also did a couple more pages with some images from past challenges on digital2for tuesday and wanted to share them too

the weather is cooling off here and the sweaters are pulled out and worn so I can only dream of the warm weather and swimming and the beach....sigh... but at least I can play around with this journal of mine and pretend its beach time and fun....and pretend I've got the curves like these lovely ladies!! LOL!!
hey why not?? If I'm gonna dream then it may as well be the whole shabang!!(is that a word? and if it is did I spell it right?) But the reality is that it is raining and somewhere around 50 degrees out and I've got a sweater on this so out of shape body of mine...and Krissa is in school and I hear my pillow yelling my name so I'm thinking it must be nap time!

Thanks for looking and have a great everyone!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing Beauties

This is my entry for the mixedmediamonday challenge, the theme this week is pink. I got the image from the public domain and used it to digitally create this piece.
Thanks for looking and have a great week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantasy and Hope

This is my entry for artcreationsfriday...they provided this beautiful lady's image this week and I have digital altered it to create what I imagined her thoughts to be...
Thanks for looking and have a great week.

Free Images

I've been surfing the web tonight and found some awesome images, all in the public domain....
and wanted to share a few with you. Maybe you can find some inspiration in one of them and use them...isn't this little girl adorable with the turkey!! she would be great to use on a thanksgiving themed collage.....

I love this one...the lady and the moon seem so magical...

and maybe you need a gent to add to your piece of art....these would be great in a collage of some sort....
and these little girls must be sharing a secret!!
and a native american girl ....seems like I hardly ever come across one of these
Hope you can use one of these, and if you do if you have time let me know...I'd love to see what you create with them. Thanks for looking, and have a great week everyone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life is a Highway

How's that cold,cough for me please,lets take your temperature..... We've had a little bit of sickness around here this week, not the flu but still a bad cold with a slight fever, causing krissa to miss a couple of days of school....and since she loves to share I got it too! Ahh, you know what I'm talking about, anyway, we kind of took care of each other, and if you have little ones you know what I'm talking about! not much time for blogging this week.....

so much to do,so little time..... The challenge this week at mixed media monday was maps. So had fun with a journal page and this is what I came up with. The image is a digital from cora at digital2fortuesday that I colored in, the papers are from some of my scrapbooking stash.

Did a few other things this week that I'll try to get posted this weekend, but falling asleep as I sit here typing so best find that bed and pillow before I conk out here....ok, am I the only one or has anyone else fell asleep while sitting at the puter desk? and I'm not sitting in a recliner or nothing like that, but I can get comfy enough in this chair here that I doze off....but I have to admit, I think I could sleep just about anywhere, should have seen me yesterday almost asleep on the floor in the playroom while Krissa played nearby...what can I say, my head felt like it weighed a ton,she couldn't go to school because she was still a little bit sick and at least I'm no more that 2 feet away so I can still keep an eye on her....

Enjoy the weekend everyone and thanks for stopping in.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Claus

the challenge this week at Digital Ink. Co. was color,so I made this cute card to enter.

Thanks for looking, Have a great week!

Dreams and Pearl-ish Delights

I won the september drawing of the luxury antiqued background set and a collage sheet of the painted ladies from June at DezinaWorld, and I have been having the most fun playing around with them.... they are the most fabulous things!! please be sure and check her site out,she has a drawing every month and all you have to do to enter is create a challenge piece from that month's challenge...and we all love challenges,dont we!!
and I have a few pics from around the house...
some of krissa's paperweights.....some lights in her bedroom

did I mention that she loves lights and lamps.....she has at least a dozen in her room....if we go thrifting she is always on the lookout for them and if she has to choose between a lamp and a toy, the lamp usually wins....and she dont turn just one on a time, nope,she wants them all on!! when she is home I am constantly checking her room and turning lights out....she's not afraid of the dark or anything....she just likes them.....she is collector of a lot of things and I'm trying to get her to pare back some of the things but she wont have any of it! LOL...oh well, she takes it naturally, I'm the same way on things I like....
Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a great week ahead.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Graveyard Bash

You're Invited to the.....
Graveyard Bash!!
october.....the time of year the goblins come out to play....sometimes they want to scare us, but they definitely want to play and party!!!
the challenge this week at SPA is bones and thought I'd show my "bones"
having their yearly celebration ...

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

Joan C

Joan Crawfordthis is my entry for the soartfulsaturday challenge this week. All images are from june at art freebies.

Friday, October 2, 2009

One plus One = Great Combo

Digital Collage this is first time I have combined challenges but these 2 seem to go together so well, the image is from artcreationsfriday and the background behind the image is from digital2fortuesday. I changed the color on cora's background image, added an outline to the lovely lady image, added another background and then added some lacy elements from my printshop22 to come up with this digital collage. Don't you agree they go perfect together?

Thanks for looking and have a good weekend.