Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreams and Pearl-ish Delights

I won the september drawing of the luxury antiqued background set and a collage sheet of the painted ladies from June at DezinaWorld, and I have been having the most fun playing around with them.... they are the most fabulous things!! please be sure and check her site out,she has a drawing every month and all you have to do to enter is create a challenge piece from that month's challenge...and we all love challenges,dont we!!
and I have a few pics from around the house...
some of krissa's paperweights.....some lights in her bedroom

did I mention that she loves lights and lamps.....she has at least a dozen in her room....if we go thrifting she is always on the lookout for them and if she has to choose between a lamp and a toy, the lamp usually wins....and she dont turn just one on a time, nope,she wants them all on!! when she is home I am constantly checking her room and turning lights out....she's not afraid of the dark or anything....she just likes them.....she is collector of a lot of things and I'm trying to get her to pare back some of the things but she wont have any of it! LOL...oh well, she takes it naturally, I'm the same way on things I like....
Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a great week ahead.


peggy gatto said...

Fun visit here today!
Love the top piece!

June said...

Hi Betty, wow dont they look amazing. what beautiful work with the backgrounds and images. I love krissa's lamps too
Hugs June xxx