Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tisket,A Tasket

a hand embroidered basket
Thought I would share some of finds for today, not bad for a rainy day!!

I love embroidery work, and these pillowcases are awesome

ceramic dogwood flower, so pleased with this!! first ceramic flower I have been able to find

cute swan planter

bunny bell for krissa's collection

a cute turtle ashtray, thinking if I clean him up really good he will look great in my fishtank,lol

cute little pink cheeked doll

adorable precious moments figurine, from 1992

a cute little chippy chalkware cat

Sweet little crocheted baby sweater

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed looking at my latest finds....electric has already went off once and lost my first try at this post, so gonna hurry and save it before electric goes again....hagn everyone!!

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