Monday, June 1, 2009

Crafting Sunday

Wow, we have had a busy weekend here. First we went to parade on saturday, my granddaughter is in T-ball and her team had a float in the parade..... soooo cute. We came back with a load of candy from where the kids were tossing it off the floats. And on sunday afternoonwe decided to have a crafting fest. Beautiful day outside so thats where we ended up!!

And here's a look at our crafting table waiting for us to start!! It's just an old desk that we have sitting on our porch. Fresh air and crafts....does it get any better?

We love to just grab a whole lot of different pieces and play around with them until we get what we, sometimes this is the hardest part!!

Don't forget the spray painting!! This is daughter's favorite part. Remember that clear glass you'd like to use but want to spruce it up....grab a can of glass spray paint and go to work. Makes it look so much better!!

Daughter wanted something for her dresser and this is what she came up with,she designed and made this herself, it's her vanity tray/jewelry holder. Cup on top is for her rings, handle for her necklaces, and tray on bottom is for her "make up" (wait!!! she's only 10, no make up outside the house yet!!) and her hairbrush. I think she did a fab job on it.

New red totem for my yard,,,, love how the red pops!!

Hope you enjoyed our little show of crafting!! Have a good week and thanks for stopping by.


vintagesue said...

thanks betty for stopping by my blog. you are a lady after my own junking heart!! thanks for nice comments and understanding of the need to make something soooo absolutely sweet out of nothing. you have the talent too indeed. love the totem!!!! its adorable.
take care

angiejhns said...

Hey Krissa, loved the crafting table. I'll have to come up and do some crafts. I love you, mamaw angie.